Find Your Ring Size




The easiest way to determine your fiancee-to-be’s ring size is to furtively” borrow” a ring she wears on her ring finger (not other fingers as these will be different in size) and take it to any main street jeweller and ask them to size it for you.
The ring finger is normally the third finger of the left hand, between the middle and little (pinky) finger.
Every jeweller has a ring sizer mandrel that they can use to determine her correct size and it takes about five seconds to do – so they will normally be happy to do this to help with your proposal!

Some girls don’t like to wear a ring on their ring finger before an engagement – and if this is the case, repeat Solution #1 but “borrow” a ring she wears on the third finger of her right hand. Normally, this ring will be one size larger than that on the left hand so the ring size can usually be determined that way.

If you are really not sure, her friends and family could be a great source of help. They may be better placed to get the ring size without raising suspicion, so if you can enlist their help, take advantage of it.

With the ring you are ordering, should the size not be exactly right, it is a very easy and inexpensive task to re-size the ring after the proposal. The only thing I would recommend is ordering a ring size a little larger, so the ring will at least fit her finger when you propose. Re-sizing can be done at any local jeweller.

Although there are a number of downloadable ring sizer templates available online, I’ve not really found one that works with enough accuracy to provide more than a rough estimate of ring size and so would avoid this option if you can.