On the evening of 7th May 2013, The Guildhall in London played host to Holts Academy for their 2012-13 Graduation Ceremony.Luminaries in the jewellery industry, including school founder and British Jewellers’ Association Vice Chairman, Jason Holt, rubbed shoulders with both new graduates and tutors from the Academy at a champagne reception to celebrate this year’s graduates.Although successfully finishing my studies last December, I had to wait patiently, along with my fellow classmates, until last week to receive my Diploma.It was wonderful to catch up with old friends, tutors and classmates from the Academy, – many of my classmates have been equally fortunate to have enjoyed great success in their own jewellery careers since leaving the Academy just before Christmas.

As you can see from the picture above, I was particularly delighted to be presented with the Diploma by my tutor, the hugely talented Ana Ramos (who just a short while later that evening was presented with the Holts Academy Best Tutor Award).

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With Lindsey Straughton (right) of The British Jewellers’ Association at The Holts Academy Graduation Ceremony

Never one to rest on my laurels – I’m already planning my schedule to allow me to move to an even higher level of fine jewellery skills.

The lavish Holts Academy Graduation Ceremony at The Guildhall certainly made up for all those very long hours of hard work, strained eyes, sore muscles and tested patience learning the intricacies of the fine jewellers’ art at the bench!

I’d like to thank everyone at Holts Academy for the wonderful tuition I received on their programme – which is widely regarded as one of the very best in the UK.