This picture of me, hard at work on my new collection, was sneakily taken by my husband John on his mobile phone.

I’m currently working on some exciting new designs which generally means burning the midnight oil to ensure each piece is perfect.

Whilst I’m really excited by my new designs, these pieces are technically the most complex and challenging to date.

In fact, I was concentrating so deeply on creating an intricate pavé setting, that I had no idea John had even taken the photograph until he showed it to me next day.

John was dicing with death when he took this picture – he knows I hate being disturbed whilst I’m working in the studio!

At the moment, I’m in the unusual situation of having absolutely no fingerprints on three fingers of my left hand. A hazard of excessive use of the electric polishing wheel (although I’m sure a lack of fingerprints could be useful to a certain class of criminal!!).

It’s tough keeping a secret – but I’ll need to keep you in suspense over the new designs for a few more weeks!