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My Most Precious Gemstone


As you can see from the picture above, I’m very fortunate to work with some truly remarkable gemstones – but even though all of these gemstones are absolutely stunning, I wanted to share a picture of my most treasured stone with you.

Grandpa's SapphireI’ll admit, it’s nothing much to look at and isn’t very big, but this uncut sapphire was given to me as a little girl by my grandfather, who found it whilst inspecting the rough diamonds at his opencast mine.

At that age, I had no idea that my life’s journey would take me into a career as a jeweller – nor any idea of the very short time I would know my grandpa before the fatal stroke that would carry him away from our family.

I treasure this uncut sapphire not because it’s particularly valuable, but because of its link to a very special person in my life. Whenever I’m working with gemstones (especially diamonds!), I feel my grandpa near to me.

I’ve seen this intangible connection countless times with the bespoke pieces of jewellery I’ve had the honour to make for many of my own clients.

Whether as a gift between lovers; a present from a parent (or grandparent) to a child; or a special ring to say “I Love You” – the greatest gift is the hidden meaning within the jewellery, not simply the piece itself , no matter how beautiful it may be.